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Friday, October 31, 2008

It's moments like these....you need...

Today was one of those days…..I will spare you the details.
However, there are always bright spots even in the smoggiest depths!
The friend who specially went out of her own busy day
to bring me my first strawberries of the season to brighten my day,…did!
Brighten my day, that is. Considerably.

As did the friend who took it upon herself to search out
and bring me more beautiful photographic magazines!
A feast for the eyes, a feast for the soul.

And the friend who graciously sacrificed her time
To allow me to concentrate on my pressing study needs
A treasure!

I could go on...
I will.
A gorgeous smile from my eldest
When I drove all the way back to school to deliver the violin he’d forgotten;

The warm snuggly hug from my youngest
Whose whole being reflected his delight at seeing his mom;

The phone calls from my dearest, my family, my friends -
All caring.

I was so touched by the kindness.
So touched in fact, that I might even consider sharing the strawberries with my family……
Now THAT is sacrifice!

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