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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Innocent blood cells

As music blasts through our house this morning, I was reminded of a story recently when E and L were listening to “Help me Rhonda” by the Beach Boys (“help me Rhonda….help, help me Rhonda….get around in my heart…”).
L asked me: “Who’s 'Rhonda', Mummy?”
I replied that I didn’t really know, but that it was probably some lady that the Beach Boys were singing about.
All was quiet for a few minutes……then L said thoughtfully, “Maybe Rhonda is a red blood cell!”
Eh what?!! E & I must’ve looked somewhat surprised for a moment, before we both burst out laughing!
“What do you mean L???” asked E.
“Well....” said L,
“Rhonda must've been a red blood cell, cos red blood cells go all around your heart, don’t they?!”


Ange of the North said...

Another exotic flower!
I got a laugh out of the lyrics to Help me Rhonda! And then the cool reasoning that connected it all together... Truly a doc's son! xox

Anonymous said...

What a crack up.lol. You should write a book on the things kids say...
As an ardent Beach Boys Fan I thought you might like to know that the actual lyrics are...
"...help me get her out of my heart"
But amittedly yours make for a better story!!! he he.
Keep up the groovin'
Love Deexx (the beach boys groupie)

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