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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The closest thing to snow in sunny Queensland!

Yesterday began like any other in the sunshine state. Blue skies, sun, and more sun. It is winter here – the BEST time of the year to be in Queensland! The climate is temperate (although locals may be seen shivering in their fur lined Ug boots, thick jackets, warm scarves, and beanies….but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all relative!). And there’s always sun to be had (albeit without it’s usual summer ferocity).


However, just as the school bell rang at the end of the day, the black clouds started to roll in…..and the loud claps of thunder were pretty impressive! It certainly got the attention of parents and students alike!



Within minutes, hail and torrential rain were pelting the Southeastern suburbs….but everywhere else, there were still blue skies and sunshine! Bizarre.

For about 30 minutes, it pelted down. And then the skies dried up. It looked like Queensland had suddenly been transported to the northern hemisphere! Hail lay thick like snow…..in fact, this may be the closest many Queenslanders may ever come to ‘snow’ / ice! And probably the closest Queensland will ever come to looking like a winter wonderland!


Because the ground had been so hot beforehand, as the cold hail evaporated, clouds of mist and steam rose up from the ground. People were outside fascinated with the vapour from their breaths! (Now, I know this is par for the course in the northern hemisphere, but down here, this was like “WOW”!!!”



But good old Queensland…..the sun never stays away for long. Half an hour later, and we were back to the blue skies and a beautiful sunset!



Whoever said we don’t have distinct seasons in the Sunshine State??!

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