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Thursday, October 23, 2008


"I felt fine yesterday; you can tell I did, because I ate a whole lot of toffees and sweets and cakes and chips and ice cream, and then in the middle of the night, I can't think why, I was very sick, just like that."
"This afternoon I ran into Alec on my way to school and he said, 'Suppose we play truant?' I told him that would be naughty and our teacher wouldn't be pleased, and Dad had told me you had to work if you wanted to get on in life and be an airman, and Mum would be sad and it was wicked to tell lies. Alec reminded me it was arithmetic this afternoon, so I said, 'OK,' and we didn't go to school..."

I have recently discovered some great books. Maybe it is because I have boys, that I am particularly taken by the "Nicholas" series. Or maybe, it is a throwback to my younger years, when I enjoyed the humour of the "Asterix" comics (not for me the "Saddleclub" or such other girly type literature!). Or perhaps, it is because I just love the quirky humour of the French, and particularly, René Goscinny (author of Asterix). Or maybe it is because I love the quaint sketches by Jean-Jacques Sempé.....or maybe it is because of all the above. Whatever the case, my boys (all THREE of them!) have also wholeheartedly enjoyed these books.
E describes them as being very "boy-ey" and has been inspired to write his short story (in his extension literature class lead by some well known Kiwi Author) along the lines of a Nicholas-type genre! L chortles and chuckles and guffaws to himself when he reads the stories, and then he comes out and retells the story to the rest of us (who have already read the book ourselves!). K also finds them amusing and enjoys listening in when we have our family reading times. And mother searches the library catalogues to see if she can find any more volumes Down Under.....but alas, to no avail. I wonder if they are available up in the Great White North...?
If you are looking for mysteries, or thrilling adventure, then these books aren't for you. But if you enjoy dry, gentle, quirky humour, and a tongue-in-cheek look at life (particularly from the point of view of a boy!) then Goscinny's "Nicholas" books are a treat. Now if only I could find some more!

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