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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So. It appears it is Election Fever all around the globe. We are also embroiled in Electioneering to the max, Down Under. Last night was the first of probably many televised debates between our present Prime Minister, Helen Clark (Labour) and her main rival, John Key (National). Unfortunately, politics is a sad, sad picture in NZ. The childish behaviour exhibited in Parliament, and expressed via the media is quite frankly, unbelievable. It does look as though the nation is pretty tired of the shenanigans we have had to stomach of late, shenanigans which almost rival the McCain/Obama debacle …..note, I said, ‘almost’ ! We don’t head to the polls till Nov 8th. And I think we have a very similar system of polling.
The last school term of 2008 has been in session for 3 days now. It has been interesting to hear the ‘slap slap slap’ as kids try to get used to their new sandals (compulsory summer footwear which costs between $75 - $100 a pair, depending on where you shop! Bring back bare feet!!!). And we are now into the hotter days where kids need to ‘slip slap slop’ the sunblock and wear the mandatory hats at morning tea and lunch times. Along with the summer term, come the usual activities of Athletics, Flower Show, and Jnr/Mid/Snr School Outings….And of course, the very zippy rundown to the end of the year. I cannot believe how much we have to fit in before December. In fact, I must request a neck massage from my ‘personal (& highly trained!) masseuse’ tonight to see if I can ease the night time stress that has been coming upon me of late. (He tells me, he is working on his personalised technique….) I for one, am looking forward to December, but it looks frightening getting there.

Better go.

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