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Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm so grateful it's the end of the week.
Here are some snippets from my day too.

Has it been awhile since I told you that I love Spring?!
We ogled this beautiful floral frontage as we went for our walk around the mountain this morning.
The Principal of the boys' school brought a lamb to school to visit all the classes today. Orphaned from day one, this lamb has been hand reared and loves people. It was the cutest thing, but it did honestly think that it was a human!
It was happiest when it was surrounded by kids stroking and petting and smothering it with cuddles. At one stage, when the kids had to go back into class, you could hear the lamb calling out for them to come back....from halfway around the school! The new entrants were at first a little wary - when the lamb got all excited to see its bottle of milk, it wagged its tail so vigorously that they thought it was a dog....or something!


And I just couldn't resist including this one:
"It's The Cheeky Bird That Gets The Gummy Worm!"

It's Friday, and we have our long Labour Weekend ahead of us. We are all looking forward to it, despite the inclement weather that is traditionally forecast for Labour Day...in fact, here comes the rain.....do de do dah...
Hope you have a good one (weekend) too!

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