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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh, the Magic!

There are just a few things about being a girl... magical things.

I first noticed the magic a couple of years ago, when I performed in a 1940s Christmas musical. Shortly before the performances began, I picked up a pair of elbow-length gloves to finish off my "look". Little did I know just how important they would be!
The gloves were indeed magical and made me feel like... a star! Although my "part" was really a non-event, I actually became a 1940s radio singer when I put on those gloves. The glamour, the attitude, the whole package became alive in me and I channeled my inner star! It became a little difficult when I had to return to earth and go to work every morning... I think my students and colleagues were wondering just why I was acting so strange and spreading my arms every time I spoke to them!

And then last week, something else happened.
I went on a girls' trip to Seattle. I'm not a big shopper. I've never actually gone on a shopping trip to the US before, although it's a typical thing for women here to do, as there are better prices and a wider selection in the land of plenty. I kind of shy away from the whole consumer thing. But anyway, there we were, and my friend Mary knew about this awesome shoe store called DSW.

The back of the store had racks and racks of marked down shoes, so we spent a long time picking through them. I rolled my eyes at all the ridiculous high heels - I mean, who in her right mind would ever wear shoes like that?? I made my friends put on a pair of the most outrageous shoes they could find, and took pictures of them. And of course, I was behind the camera and didn't need to put any on myself! Ha ha!Two days later, we were on our way back to the Great White North. Someone needed to stop at DSW and return something, so back we went. And I was idly looking through the shoes when I noticed a particularly ridiculous pair of heels. What would they feel like to put on?
They're just like elbow-length gloves - magical! Although I felt like I was climbing up on a pair of stilts and was a little worried about falling off, I felt like prancing and strutting as soon as they were on my feet (except I don't think I could have actually pranced...)! The rhinestone studded heels twinkled in the light as I moved in front of the mirror and marched back and forth. And as my friend, Erin, maintains, the platforms at the front of the shoes take away some of the heel elevation. Really!

I just had to take a photo. I'm wondering if this look would be good for my grade three classroom. What do you think? The magic shoes just might make me a better teacher - more dynamic, more dramatic, more fun, smarter...???

In case you're wondering, I didn't buy them.
My practical heart just couldn't justify adding another pair of shoes to the FIVE I was already taking home!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Avoidance

Well, this is the big weekend when I need to finish writing my report cards. The public school teachers are probably all frolicking and having fun at this moment, as they are refusing to do administrative duties. Meanwhile, I am forced to spend the day at my computer and come up with creative ways to avoid the whole thing. Until the last moment, that is. It's hard work being an effective procrastinator, I tell you!

So, I was actually doing some work, going through Social Studies work. (That's what we teachers must do in order to come up with deep and meaningful observations.) We studied Canada this past term and I asked my students some hard questions about our country, such as "Who lived in Canada before Europeans arrived?" (One little friend in a previous year said "Adam and Eve"... oh, the cuteness! And such confusion!)

I was deeply engrossed in checking work when I came upon one little friend's paper and the question, "Why do so many people live in the south of Canada?" Well, after countless class discussions about the complete unsuitability of the north for farming and the inhospitable climes way up there, I naively thought this would be a no-brainer. However, I was sadly deceived. The sweet child wrote this response: "I'm not sure but I think there are more statues, like the statue of Liberty."

Statues... Statues! Southern Canada is obviously teeming with them! And all this time I thought that it was all about the temperatures...

I clearly need to teach a lesson about New York City and its location.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Right Now

Oh dear, I've been neglecting the blog again... And the fact that I'm back typing at 10:57 pm can only mean that I'm putting off writing report cards!
Here's what's happening in my world right now:

  • The public school teachers are on strike in BC; meanwhile, we keep working away. I'm very thankful for a supportive employer and school community!
  • Today marks a year of living without my dad in this world. How have we done it?? Things are definitely not as sparkly without him, but life definitely does go on... We all went to the cemetery on Sunday and Mum added a couple of flags (Canada and Bermuda). Dad loved flags!
  • The spring bulbs are starting to poke up out of the ground!
  • Days are getting longer and I'm not driving in the dark to and from school so much anymore. yay!
  • My current favourite song is 10000 Reasons by Matt Redman
  • As I mentioned, it's report card season. They're due into the office on Tuesday morning. Aaaggghhh! I feel the ADD coming on!
And to finish, I leave you with a quirky video, inspired by my darling son, Little Bear. He has been playing the old eighties song by Lionel Ritchie, "Hello". I just stumbled onto this version online. Enjoy it!

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