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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and Italy

It's Halloween! Every child's dream - when else can one both ask strangers for candy AND collect bags of it?? Not only that, but there are costumes and fireworks, too! As I write, I can hear the booms around the neighbourhood. This is the time - 10:30 - when the families with children have gone to bed, and roaming bands of youths take over with their firecrackers and roman candles (I'm not sure where they get all their fireworks, as the laws prohibit sales to kids under 18...).

My neighbour has just turned off his scary Halloween soundtrack; peace now reigns in my living room! Here's his front yard - you can't see the cemetery with bones, the flying bats, the old broken down organ with skeleton organist, the flaring torches, or the many other details he's painstakingly added. It's not my thing...
I'm sure that every local resident was driving homeward bound on the freeway at 5pm today, eager to get little Susie and little Johnny ready for trick or treating. Unreal! It took me a very long time to get home, and as soon as I did, we were out the door again. As we had bought no candy to give out, we didn't want to be caught empty-handed!

We went out for dinner, then visited our friends, Gerry and Shauna, just back from Italy. I drooled over all their photos and came home determined to get back to Venice, somehow, sometime! Wanna come? We can take photos together!!

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