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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The end of our day...

Well, we're back on the blog to try and get the gif animation to work, after a lovely dinner out with The Fam. I think it would take a most amazing chef to cook up a curry as good as my dad's. He really makes The BEST chicken curry in the world!
It was a beautiful evening, and with it being a long weekend, the boys wanted to have the special treat of staying up a bit later, so we took a detour and allowed K and E to practise their night photography. L and I enjoyed watching them and looking at the scenery....and listening to Solveig (a blast from the past)!
I'm also going to have a whinge and say that I really am feeling very disgruntled about this Dial Up speed...it takes SO long to do anything! But I guess it beats Snail Mail.

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