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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"No fishing in pond"

Great excitement at school today - the Annual Jnr Flower / Vege Show!
All Junior classes compulsorily take part in this event; Middle School students have a choice to take part or not.
Students prepare either a Vege Critter or a Flower Arrangement at home. They also raid their gardens (& neighbouring flower beds) for flowers with which to construct a "Sand saucer" of flowers at school.
Nominated Parent judges are enlisted with the unenviable task of deciding which certificate to issue each and every item produced and displayed. Every presentation receives a certificate!
Everyone is invited to view the highly creative and colourful display.
Presentations are grouped in the following categories:
- Sand Saucer Flower arrangements
- Vegetable Critters
- Unusual container
-Miniature Garden
L decided (after the usual family 'think-tank' session!) to construct a 'Pond'. We were very proud of his focus on this project. At this age, parental (& older sibling) help is inevitably required...particularly where sharp knives and uncooked carrots are required! However, we try to keep familial help to a minimum in our family, especially since L was quite able to accomplish most aspects of this project, himself! In fact, I walked in one evening to discover carrot carvings everywhere, and a motley school of fish being reproduced at the rate of knots!!!

The finished product was fabulous, and L was so thrilled. Who would've thought grapes and carrots could be such great marine transformations?!

Equally, there were some other amazing creations. I was blown away by the highly creative presentations, and loved the vibrant displays of colour and expression.

With all the inventive Vege critters, I completely forgot to take photos of the flowers....oh well.

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