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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last night, I became an aunty for the 7th time, and K became an uncle with the same score. The boys are SO excited to have a new cousin. Bella is now a big sister to Daniella. It was so nice to have a hold of a wee bubs again. Not that I’m going clucky on you, OK?! One just forgets so quickly how little a newborn baby is – and so vulnerable and fragile. K and L enjoyed having cuddles too. E preferred taking photos of said cute bundle!
I never cease to be amazed at the miracle of birth. It amazes me how much this little life is going to change and develop, and how much she has already impacted lives – her parents, her sister, her grandparents, her extended family and so on. What a privilege to be a part of this precious child’s life-journey, a perfect plan in the unfolding. We pray God’s gracious blessing and protection on her life and look forward to enjoying her personality and unique story!

Back on earth though, today is the last day of the holidays. Tomorrow, is the first day of the last term for the school year. From hereon in, it is a fast track downhill to Christmas and the end of the year…..should I be admitting that I’d only just gotten used to it being 2008??!!! This year has just zipped by so quickly, I feel like I’ve not been on board fully….and my “List” just keeps growing….

Before I forget, I believe it is about the right time to wish you and Big Bear a very, very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Ange of the North! Whatever you end up doing, I hope you will both find some time to celebrate a pretty significant number of years together! And go wild. Whilst you can! :-) HAVE FUN and CONGRATS from us all !!!


Ange of the North said...

Welcome, Baby Daniella! What a sweet little girl! And congratulations to Josh and Mei - what a long haul it has been!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations& much love to Josh & Mei from Chris & myself.
The funny thing is I was only thinking about them in the weekend, wondering when & if the baby had arrived. Spooky possums.
Loads of love to all the family on the new addition. xx Dee

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