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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wet ‘n Wild

If you ever happen around these parts, it is likely that you may want to visit some of the theme parks…..especially if you’ve got a few of those errant childhood streaks still hankering to be unleashed. For the locals, there are great deals to be had on annual passes….kinda like the amazing season deals you can get to ski in the Northern Hemisphere.


Being the sunshine state that it is here, some of the most popular theme parks are of course, the waterparks. Many schools utitlise these parks for their end of year outings.


Our school ends its year, a week before most of the other private schools, and 2 weeks before the public schools. This gives us time to get to popular venues before the Holiday Crowd descends over the summer break. So, on the spur of the moment last week, on a cloudy but humid day, we braved Wet ‘n Wild….. Queenslanders tend to stay away when conditions are less than optimum ie. when its not sunny with clear skies, so on a cloudy day, we were hoping for shorter queues. A cunning plan, you see!


If you are an adrenaline junky, then this is the place for you!


This, I believe, is lil L hurtling down the Mach5 ! If you tend to only wear teeny weeny, skimpy swimming outfits, then this is possibly NOT the ride you should go on……and another free word of warning – on this particular ride, you need to cross your legs….unless you are partial to serious wedgies!


The Black Hole was a favourite….a long, wet ride in the pitch black darkness…until you get spat out into the light again.

IMG_1664a With the lure of waterfun such as the Kamikaze, Tornado, Aquaracer, The Whirlpool, Mammoth Falls, Aqualoop, Sidewinder, Surfrider, River Rapids, Calypso Beach etc,it’s a venue that one can easily find something to suit one’s station in life…


…even if it is just sitting at the manmade beach, watching the giant waves or catching a “Dive ‘n Movie”!

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