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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shape of the Day

Whew. They're gone.
When I came into the classroom this morning and looked at the shape of the day, I saw my plans: Now that the day is done, I see the remnants:
What happened between then and now had very little to do with my carefully made plans!
Cooper got through the morning without a time out. Yay!
I spent 30 agonizing minutes "scribing" for Sweet But Bewildered Boy (remember the fairies that can't fly through windows??). 30 minutes and very, very few words.
I listened to everyone's memory work, ranging from know-it-all to know-almost-nothing.
Three little boys helped me "renew my energy" at recess, after having drained it in class.
It rained at lunch time - lots of pent up energy in the classroom!
We had a really good discussion about David Livingstone.
We played a guessing game and they never did figure out that it was a horse!
Jordan created two more Dino comics that he proudly read to me.
We spent 20 chaotic minutes in the gym, burning off all that energy.
Why is it that when children are tired, they want to run, and when I am tired, I just want to go to sleep???

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