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Friday, October 31, 2008

Can't Wait. Not.

Tomorrow is Halloween.
I'm very glad that it's on a Friday so school won't be full of sugared children the next day!
The forecast is for rain.
The thing I like about Halloween is pumpkins. Of course, they don't grow in honour of Halloween; they just happen to be ripe at this time of year. They're quite wonderful fruits, and I like them just the way they are. That's why I always put three of them by my front door (my personal designer, Lea, says that groupings are best in odd numbers!).
My neighbours love Halloween. They have put up their old battered picket fence, hung skeletons in the trees, set up the flying bats, created a front yard cemetery, and connected the sound system. Tomorrow night, if I stay home, my house will be full of their spooky soundtrack. Every few minutes the torches will flare up, sending eerie light and shadows into my living room, and horrible foghorns will blare. The moans, groans, and screeches will follow me into every room. Ugh. For that reason, I will make every effort to be out. Until very late.


Southern Ange said...

As I was reading your posting today, there were thumps on the door from the neighbourhood kids, doing the treat 'n trick thing...I've decided to ignore them in deference to posting this comment! I'm very glad that Halloween is not a big thing Down Under. I'd even forgotten it was today...till now! I hope you find somewhere free of Halloween-effects to enjoy your Friday night. May I suggest a trip Down Under..?

Southern Ange said...

PS. I've only just realised what the difference is between Northern and Southern hemisphere pumpkins! Yours are a beautiful bright orange colour and you don't eat them. Ours are dark or light green...and we eat ours!

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