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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fly Away

The current fad in grade three right now is flight. Paper airplanes fill the sky at recess and lunch time, as the boys try to perfect the ideal design for optimal air time. Actually, they do very little tinkering with their planes, and put all their energy into the takeoff, thinking that is the key to everything. Their little bodies almost fly away with the airplanes!
It seems like everything is flying away these days... Along with the paper airplanes, the Canada geese (and other birds) have caught the signal that their days here in the north are numbered (did you see the photo I posted yesterday?) and are heading south with all their best buddies. The weatherman is calling for rain tomorrow and for the rest of the week, so maybe the geese have the right idea. "Head for the sunshine, boys!"
I wouldn't mind taking a flight south with them, although I doubt they'll leave the continent. New Zealand is the destination for me - beaches, blue sky, sheep, and a good friend!
Dream on...

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