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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Family Effort

We seem to be in the time of life where we are sill looking after our children (although they might dispute that claim!) and now, our parents too. Well, at least one of them. We are well into the process of preparing my mother-in-law, Monika's house to sell, as she is buying an independent suite in a seniors' community nearby. Her house has been painted and the garden cleaned up, and soon it will be painted on the inside, too.
Yesterday and today we were all able to put in a bunch of time sorting through her things (there's tons of space for things in this house!). I know that it's difficult for her - yesterday she said that it's a "tearing away" kind of feeling. However, she will really need to pare down; I know that having fewer possessions and no junk will be freeing for her. In the meantime, do you need any vases? Or candleholders? How about Tupperware?
It's good to work together as a family, and there are some unexpected dividends, too. I came home yesterday and today with a variety of things, including a paper cutter. I will also be getting a set of German china that, to me, is Monika. I don't need it, but I really don't want to see it leave the family. I'm a little worried that I'll get carried away and bring home things that I don't need or have space for...

All this de-junking makes me feel like doing the same thing at home. This is something I really don't want my children to be faced with one day.

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Southern Ange said...

Know what you mean. I wish I had the time right now to sit down and dejunk...all those boxes we've carted around the world are still sitting there unused, unmissed, and taking up too much space.

But it must be difficult for Monika to have to dispose of some of those memories and have to start a new phase in her life. Could be releasing too...

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