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Monday, October 13, 2008

Years and Years

October 11, 1986.

It was an incredibly beautiful Saturday on Thanksgiving weekend. I was so thrilled to wear a wedding dress and marry my sweetheart, and my eyes were filled with stars. What a fun time we had - our wedding was a wonderful way to begin married life!

October 11, 2008.

Another beautiful fall Saturday. No white dress or ceremony, and definitely no stars in my eyes now! 22 years have rendered me much more realistic than I was at that oh so young age, but the process of working hard together and walking in grace (oh yes, that grace...) have created a depth that wasn't there at the beginning. Fun was definitely nice, but I like what we've got now.

And just look at what we've got now!


Anonymous said...

Very er pink there Big Bear! Just quietly I'll confess that I wore a pink tie once (with desired effect - giver of the tie is still here!). Nuf said - K.

Southern Ange said...

Beautiful... You're just beautiful. Go well my friend. Thanks for sharing!

E&L said, "Wow!!!"

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