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Monday, October 13, 2008

Grad Photos

Hooray! I can finally upload my photos! I wonder what the problem was...?

So. These are pictures from Big Bear's graduation day on Friday.
What a gorgeous day it was! Although the temperature wasn't very warm, the sun shone brightly and made everything feel happy.
It was so exciting to see the faculty and graduates come streaming toward me while the pipe band played. There is a strong Scottish heritage at this university!
I was overcome by the strength of the dream that propelled Big Bear to pursue a Master's degree and to work so hard. And as I stood and watched the hundreds of graduates marching down the stairs to the ceremony, I realized that each one of them had a similar dream. Most of these grads had earned a Master's degree, and there were a number of Doctorates, too. Now that takes work!

Well done, Big Bear! I'm so proud of you! And I'm particularly glad that our kitchen table is available again!


Southern Ange said...

It is so nice to see these photos. We are just thrilled for Big Bear, that he has achieved his dream. Simply awesome!

Anonymous said...

Well done BB! Am in the throes of my final requirements, awaiting acceptance of my paper. You beat me to it. Hope the celebration was sweet. Enjoy your new "disposable time". - K

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