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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hmmm... I haven't read Nicholas personally, Southern Ange, but I did buy the first book for Little Joe. I know that he enjoyed it immensely, as he's definitely a humour kind of guy.
Speaking of Little Joe, yesterday was his seventeenth birthday. We went down the hill to take some birthday photos on our way to school, and in the evening, he went downtown with Little Bear to see the Neil Young concert. He declared that it was "epic".
I have continued working on my Week in the Life project, taking photos whenever I remember. Unfortunately, I have been nowhere but at school for the past two days, so it all looks pretty dull! Here's a peek at my life yesterday and today:

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Southern Ange said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to Lil Joe! Had it in my diary and meant to write earlier but you know how it is when one gets old...well, actually, you might not know what that feels like, so I'll just tell you that this is what happens - you lose your memory (amongst other things)! Thanks for sharing snapshots from your days. So good to see.

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