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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Techno Boys

Animated gif - "The one that got away!"
(Page needs to be fully loaded before the animation will work properly)

Thank you to the kind friend who went to great lengths to specially acquire a wonderful photographic magazine for me. Unfortunately, I showed it to my husband and my eldest....and that's all I've seen of it since (except in the distance!)...I have 'heard' that it is a wonderful mag, but I haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing it for myself (can you hear the violins?!)! K & E have spent all morning discussing cameras, photos, and technology. And now, they are busily putting together an entry into a competition they found therein, to win some souped up, techno wonderful, latest technology camera. And E who just saved up enough to buy his first camera, is now talking about saving up for his 2nd camera - this time a dSLR! He's already picked out the one he'd like (I haven't the heart to tell him that by the time he saves up enough for that model, there will be bigger and better ones to lure him). His mother still hasn't made the shove towards those dSLR's, preferring convenience to techno-fiddling. However, boys will be boys, and both K & E are totally fascinated with all the ''techno-wow'' stuff....whilst L and I made sushi. I prefer ''gourmet-wow''. More my thing!

The Finished Product (including the one that nearly got away!)

Yesterday, the boys combined Gourmet with Techno. All 3 boys baked bread for lunch. And I'm slightly embarrassed to say, that we ate the lot! I should probably add, that dinner was a light affair...as was breakfast this morning! Our distended tummies recovered in time for sushi at lunch...Anyway, we have discovered that my 2 lil boys (who usually eat a light-ish lunch) will eat mega amounts at lunch when there is a) Daddy's homemade bread; b) Daddy's pancakes with lemon and brown sugar; c) Mum's sushi; and d) Mum's pies. Must remember to avoid those particular foods, when they're teenagers!

Anyway, above is an animation that E made on his not-so-new camera, of the construction of his homemade bread plait. I'm told that it should just play if you leave it long enough so that the page has fully downloaded. Unfortunately, we have been on Dial Up speed for yonks, so it takes me absolutely FOREVER to blog. Mega-GRRRrrrrs!


Ange of the North said...

I waited for quite a while, but there was nothing to run. Hmmm... It just makes me more curious to see what E has put together! I am, however, very impressed by the bread in the photo. How industrious!

Ange of the North said...

Now THAT is cool! You must tell me how you did it!

Anonymous said...

That's sooo cool!! All the more reason for me to nick the competition's mags!! :o)

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