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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fact or Fantasy?

This was my favourite moment at school today.

We were going through some work together - the whole class - when we came to this question: "Fact, or fantasy? The fairy flew through the window."

First, we needed to establish the difference between fact and fantasy.

Got it.

The next issue was whether the fairy sentence was fact or fantasy.

Fantasy. Good.

Then I asked the fateful question.

"Grade threes, what is it about this sentence that makes it fantasy?"

Sweet but bewildered boy put up his hand.

This was an event - I had to call on him.

"Sweet but bewildered boy, can you tell us? What is it about this sentence that makes it fantasy?"

SBBB answered, "Fairies can't fly through windows."

I think I managed to hide my laughter.

Southern Ange, I'm so excited for your new camera! I think you should bring it to the Great, Soon-to be White North for its christening. We need to take some photos together again.


1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

I totally agree! But perhaps it's your turn to come this way...though I'd happily say yes to heading north if someone gave me a spare air ticket! Loved the story of the fairy....

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