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Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Sister

I grew up with all the most wonderful advantages a girl could wish for: a creaky old house full of quirky corners, an apple tree that was perfect for climbing, loving parents, a dog, roller skates, and a bike to ride around the neighbourhood. And a little brother. The one deep sadness in my life was that I had no sister.
I grew up and amazingly enough, so did my brother! And wonder of all wonders, he managed to overcome his deep suspicion of touching anything that had been close to anyone else's mouth! (At least, I think he did...) He fell head over heels in love with a beautiful blonde from Denmark. And she seemed to like him, too! Enough to leave her amazing family and Danish culture and move to this uncouth country.

Lea is my sister-in-law. She is an incredible woman. I don't know what it is about her, but she is the person that you want to tell all your personal secrets. She somehow oozes compassion and empathy; even tough, unsociable cops end up having heart to heart conversations with Lea. And she always shares her faith.
Everything that Lea does is beautiful. I guess that's why she is an interior designer. She has a knack for making a room look great. Whenever I want to paint, I consult her on the colour. And if you ever want to know about anything, ask Lea. We're not sure how, but she always seems to know.

The other great thing about Lea is that she's fun to be with. We laugh a lot. And there's always so much to talk about! I always knew that I wanted a sister! The funny thing is that many people think that we really are sisters. One man actually thought we were twins. (That might have been because of the drinks he'd downed....)

Today is Lea's birthday. ( She got an addition to her Pandora bracelet.) I wish her a year of happy growth and joyful surprises as she continues to live from her heart. Love and blessings to you, Lea! xox

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