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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mum's the word

Ange of the North, you're so right. What WOULD we do without our mums?! Now that I am one myself, I am starting to appreciate all my poor mother had to go through, in order to bring me up...I think my mom is a saint!
And yes, my mum only just tops 5ft tall, but she is a bundle of talent and energy too. Why is it that mums a generation before our time, seem to have boundless energy??! My mother was always the first one awake in our home when I was growing up....I am always the last up in our present household!
And I am so grateful that my mom is my champion too. She believed in me even when nobody else should have! She was the person who had the most insight into who I was, what talents I had, and what potential lay before me. She fought on my behalf. And she was an example of integrity and faith. She was also the person who made me broth when I was sick, made me wear skirts, tied up my hair into THREE ponytails, and kept all night vigils if I had a temperature. And though I'm now 'slightly over 21'...she still asks if I am eating properly and getting enough rest. But I also know that if ever I needed anything in the world, my mother would be the first person who would spare nothing to give me all she had.
What a wonderful legacy and what an example of a mother's true love.
Thanks Mum!

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