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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evening in May

What does the title evoke in you?

I think that your hemisphere, while not usually a big issue, will make the difference on this one. If, like my friend Southern Ange, you live Down Under, I'm thinking that cool weather and rain will come to mind (unless you live in a perpetually summer kind of place - Brisbane??). However, in my neck of the woods, May is the time of blooming. I love it.

I left school at 8:20 pm today. I walked out to the back field and breathed in the whole scene. Soft air, cool but not cold. A glowing sky behind the mountains. Pink blossoms that gently scented the air. Birds quietly saying goodnight. Tranquility. The promise of summer.

Is this my favorite month? Not sure, but right now I'm liking it.

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