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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Matakana Part 3 - The story endeth about here!

Another highlight for us, was a trip to the Brick Bay Vineyard and Sculpture Trail. The Vineyard is located in a beautiful setting – rolling green hills covered with the russet reds and golden hues of autumn, flanked by the variegated gold of harvested vines, and with the brilliant blue of the sea beyond. Driving down the road towards the vineyard, we stopped the car just so we could enjoy the visual feast of the scenery around us. Simply gorgeous.

The Vineyard has as its entrance, an architecturally designed building aptly named “The Glasshouse”....because that is exactly what it is. A building made entirely of glass on all of its sides and roof – built to maximise on sunshine and the all round view. The building itself is built over the top of a waterfall (which flows down from a pond). It’s a stunning setting – the glass wall facing the pond and vineyard has large moveable panes of glass which can be lowered so that the view is not obscured, you can hear the birds and ducks, feel the breeze, and feel like you’re able to enjoy the outdoors from indoors! Patrons can sit on comfy settees or at tables arranged for the view, and tuck into a platter of cheese and some of the local wine. Alternatively, you can take your wine and platters outside and sit at rough hewn tables amongst the oaken barrels and the beauty of the landscape. Mmmmmmmm!

One of the things the vineyard is known for, is its Sculpture Trail. The Trail is a 2 km walk through native forest, over farmland, on boardwalks and over tracks etc. K and I meandered through the sunshine at our leisure, admiring the art and the views. We spent nearly 3 hours just moseying about…..and taking photos to our heart's content! We really liked some of the sculptures, whilst others left us wondering what the artist had had for breakfast when he/she was creating their art!!!

Interpretation of the sculptures above -

Clockwise from Top Left:

1. The sculptor's subject of nests and eggs suggest new beginnings, growth, and fertility, while the use of grape prunings gives new life to a discarded material, but also hints a environmental disintegration.

2. Recalling young ears listening to the sea, the text creates a sense of place, listing words relating to the sculptor's experience of the sea coast.

3. Cast leadcrystal water lillies respond to life's organic processes - the changing light, wind movement, and refracted light from the water.

4. A quiet metallic form, the disc may act as a lens to focus the viewer's attention on the surrounding environment and perhaps hint at primeval microscopic life or more expansively, recall the larger themes of life, death, and eternity.

Well, enough said about the weekend past.

I think it is time to move back into the present……well....perhaps, tomorrow!

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Ange of the North said...

I think I want to move to New Zealand.

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