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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christmas in June

Little Bear and I just watched one of my favorite movies: Love, Actually. It is such a feel-good movie! I always cry when Jamie asks Aurelia to marry him in stilted Portuguese, and also at the end when it shows people at the airport being reunited.

Watching the movie made me think about Christmas, because it takes place during the Christmas season. What does Christmas make you think of? Decorated trees... snow - or rain... the smell of pine... candles... gifts... shopping... good food... coziness... family... the Christmas story... the census... Yes! The census! Remember? Caesar Augustus declared a census all over Judea, which is why Mary and Joseph ended up in the Bethlehem Maternity Ward!

In honour of Christmas, which was just over 6 months ago (exactly half a year!!), I am declaring a census, too! Although it probaby won't bring me any tax money (unlike Caesar), I want to know how many ange2ange friends we have, and where in the world they hail from.

So, Dear Reader, I am requesting that you leave an official comment below - I already know that most of you have the same name (Anonymous!!), but where are you?
Please click on the comment button and leave us a message!


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, one of your readers is Big Bear, and I hail from the home of Northern Ange. I know we have a new reader in Britain as well, so I hope you identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me and I know my friends won't leave a comment, because it's not their "thing". Out line of where a group of us hail from 4-Australia 3-South Island New Zealand 5-North Island New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

i come from NZ where the sheep abound in millions! i am good looking, very nice, and VERY VERY humble. Your blog is gnarly.

Anonymous said...

In answer to your census, I'd like to say that your blog is a delight to my visual sensors. I only get to read it when I get it past the censors. Best end here and get some sleep will read again when I come to my senses.

That's my 2 cents's. NZ

Jo said...

Present and accounted for!

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