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Saturday, May 3, 2008

No more sleeping in...

Well, the 1st term holidays are almost over.
How could that be?!
Is it my age, or is it my imagination that things are flying past faster than ever?!
2 weeks ago, the holidays stretched before us, almost limitless in their possibilities. And now, we’re down to the last weekend, with insufficient hours to do all the last minute things we wanted to get done.
2 weeks ago, the boys were in their summer uniforms and sandals. Now, we’re hunting out the singlets, the long-sleeved shirts, the woollen jerseys, the long socks and the shoes (all of which seem a whole heap smaller than when last worn a year ago)!
Summer has gone, and Autumn is well and truly here. The mornings stay darker till later, the evenings come earlier, and the days have a crispness about them that is invigorating (on some days, that can now be upgraded to ‘chilly’, ‘bracing’, or even downright ‘freezing’!).

Today, the boys are tanking up on a day with the Grandies and doting aunties….whilst one parent continues his gainful employment in order to afford the upcoming term’s activities for the boys….and the other parent (deservedly) panics about all the work that should’ve been done during the last fortnight....but hasn’t been!

And tomorrow?
For the last day of the hols…..the boys have requested ‘our day at home pleeeeease’….the day we’ve been hoping to have all holidays!
So much for the best made plans of mice and men…

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