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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Matakana Part 2-the way to this woman's heart!

We ate well.
In fact, we ate non stop, with breaks….for proper meals!
Thanks to all the expert local knowledge we were given, I think we managed to hit all the right eating spots! The Rusty Pelican, the Black Dog, the world famous patisserie whose name I can’t quite remember, and the famous markets! We caught a fabulous sunset, we tried Feijoa wine. We ate French sausage, we feasted on dukkah, olive oil, nuts, fruit, breads, local wine, grape juice, beer, coffees, pestos, relishes, jams, preserves, swiss chocolate, smoked salmon, specialty cheeses, and olives……oh, the olives! Huge, juicy olives stuffed with garlic and pesto and cranberries, almonds, chillies, feta and parmesan….divine!
And then Jack and Jill came rolling home…..
No, not quite!

But that's enough for today. I feel the need to go and chomp on an olive...

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