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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Five on Friday

My friend Jo and I decided today to do two things.
First, a weekend photo challenge: a rainbow of photos (and I just learned the Roy G Biv acronym)! I'm not sure yet how it will look, but now that I've written it down, I think I'm committed!

Second, a new project: Five on Friday (or Friday Five...?). Every Friday, we'll do something fivish. I don't think that's a word, but you probably understand what I mean. Maybe.

So, here's the very first Ange2Ange Five on Friday!
Five Things to Accomplish This Holiday Weekend
(Did you know that it's Victoria Day on Monday in Canada??)
(Celebrated here since 1845)
(Even though she's long gone, it's a great time for a long weekend!)
1. Get the lawn mowed, now that Little Bear is back from his band trip. The grass is very long.
2. Do some major gardening. There are still leaves and all kinds of dead things in the garden from last fall, mixed in with the spring flowers. I cringe to think of it. The pain of it all!
3. I brought home a pile of marking from school. I really should finish it this time.
4. I've been working on a paper bag book - one of my favorite mini scrapbook formats! I really like them because of the simplicity, the price, and all the pockets to tuck things into. This weekend, I want to finish the project.
5. Spend time out on the deck in the new and improved weather. The weekend should be warm, and I'm excited! I love to have an outdoor "room". I love to listen to the birds, smell the air, and enjoy being out in the spring. Life is good!

If you have a holiday this weekend, I hope it's a good one. If not, make yourself a mini holiday by taking a few moments to breathe and smile at something.

Special greetings to Southern Ange and K on their time away, to Mum and Dad kicking back in Paradise, and to Tim and Lea getting ready to sell their house!

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