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Friday, May 9, 2008

St Kilda/St Clair

It's one of those sultry days in Akl today....which made me think about these photos, taken at one of my favourite places in NZ.

St Kilda/St Clair, in Dunedin is a wonderful beach (one end is called St Clair and the other end, St Kilda).

It is wild and rugged when there is a fierce sou'westerly blowing, and the surf is being whipped up to a frenzy. Freezing too!

But in summer, if you should chance upon one of those magical, balmy days when there is a warm zephyr playing the length of the beach, then it is truly a slice of heaven. One of my most favourite memories, is walking along the beach on such an occasion, with the evening light making everything seem ethereal. It was the most wonderful feeling to walk in and out through these delicious pockets of warmer air, to hear the surf pounding, to feel the soft sand beneath one's bare feet, and to enjoy the freedom of having space to oneself.


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Anonymous said...

In the South of the South we are subjected to the beauty of it all!

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