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Friday, May 9, 2008


It's nearing day's end and I'm left with my impressions of Thursday. Shall I share them with you?

The most unexpected thing I heard today: "Hubba hubba!"

The tastiest meal: Dinner - a yummy chicken-peanut stew with rice and a glass of merlot

The best thing I did: make Mother's Day cards with my class

The most trying thing I did: make Mother's Day cards with my class

Oops! The other best thing I did: Have my class work silently while they made Mother's Day cards

The best thing I heard: Little Bear playing guitar while I made dinner (Fly at Night by Chilliwack)

The most stressful thing about my day: Hmmmm.... Is it the unhappy mum who wants to see me tomorrow? Or the boy from a sad family who keeps getting into trouble? Maybe the mum with an agenda? Or going to the high school parent/teacher conferences and hearing about a certain teenage son who is smart, but doesn't do his work?

The most surprising thing about today: Meeting a young man who I looked after when he was a baby, and who is now a pastor. Wow!

The loveliest thing: Watching Sense and Sensibility with the boys, at their suggestion. I love seeing them enjoy Jane Austen and her characters!

The best conversation of the day: A good chat on the phone with Southern Ange!

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

Does "hubba hubba" mean the same in the northern hemisphere as it does Down Under? If it does, we hope it was C saying it to you! :-)

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