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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food, wine, & clothes!

What do you get when entrepreneur meets fashionista?
An evening out with lots of ladies, searching for all manner of fashion accessories and clothing...plied with food and wine and fuelled by unbeatable bargains! It would've been dangerous to have been a fly on the wall last night at our fashion bargain hunting venue - only elbow room to move and the hunting instincts were almost palpable! There was a lot of laughter, and much entertainment for all, both within the room as well as for the neighbours across the street! Amongst the thousands of fashion garments, women posed, gave out lots of advice, and had a lot of fun fossicking! It was nice to have the 'more fashion-conscious' helping the rest of us plebs, by locating exotic pieces of clothing and providing free and 'unrestrained' fashion advice. And the bargains were well worth the adventure! But what a mess a bunch of women can leave as they wantonly toss off unsuitable garments....some of us were a tad worried that the original pieces of clothing we arrived in, were not going to be locateable by the end of the evening!
We adjourned to a cafe to finish comparing our 'trophies'. It was so nice to finish off our several hours of hunting with bowls of hot chocolate, shared amongst good friends.

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Ange of the North said...

Ooh, what fun! What did you get? And what is fossicking?

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