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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Garden

Spring is a glorious time! I love May and June because of all the garden delights. Today I will share with you some of the things in my garden:

I'm not sure what these blue things are, but I really like them (leave me a comment if you know!). The sad thing is that they don't last very long; only a few weeks.
My front garden is filled with tall, blowy poppies. This week. Again, they last such a short time and then there's nothing left but tall, spindly stalks without flowers.

More blue! These hang around for the summer. I think they're called Grace Ward or something.
Isn't this pretty? I have no idea what it is, but it's a very invasive ground cover. I just ripped out a whole bunch from one side of the garden. I do, however, love these blossoms that stand up tall and then are gone by June.

Lily of the Valley! Mmmmm, they smell so pretty! Unfortunately, they're already on their way out.Rhododendrons are not my favorite; they don't look very nice through most of the year. However, they put on a nice show in the spring.

This is not only time for the flowers to return. Other, more horrific things, take up residence in my garden and mock my futile attempts to oust them. Here are three of the worst culprits:

The dreaded dandelion. Do they grow Down Under? On the weekend, we did a lot of gardening, but somehow, this one survived the lawnmower! They don't care whether it's lawn or garden; they'll go anywhere. It's too bad the dandelion is a weed. A green field full of bright yellow ones actually looks really happy!
I'm sure this one has a name, but I don't know what it is. It really likes certain areas of my garden and flourishes there. It can get quite tall, too.

This is the big grandaddy of weeds. It invades my whole garden. No, my whole yard! Front, back, side, everywhere. The morning glory is more invasive than anything I've ever met, and it multiplies by sending long roots deep under the ground and then a new vine pops up. The boys are convinced that they come from our neighbours and travel under the fence, but I suspect that it's the other way around. Even though Little Bear carried out a morning glory mission on the weekend, I found plenty of it today already winding its way around other plants.

It is a huge job to keep a garden, and I freely and sadly admit that I don't do a very good job of it. When I manage to have half a day on the weekend, where on earth do I begin? It's overwhelming. I'm always so impressed by my sister-in-law, Christine (yes, you!!), who juggles work and kids, and still manages to keep her garden (and house) looking beautiful. Sigh. Still, I love to see all those sweet little flower faces returning to me every year.

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Southern Ange said...

2nd attempt at a comment. It looks like we get the same weeds Down Under as you do up there. I do like dandelions though. More particularly, the boys and I like to run through patches of them, spreading their seeds (ahem). Enjoy your lovely garden and Spring!

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