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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time Waster

The new camera is ultra COOL ! (You may well be hearing about this for quite some time to come! Bear with me. :-) )
Unfortunately, I have not had sufficient time to play with it yet. However, the 'men of the house' have had a little more spare time with which to indulge in techno "oohing and aahing" for me. It seems my new toy can do just about anything (except possibly my next assignment!), and is loaded with a truckload of 'intelligent' modes (perfect for those of us who need a bit more of that!). And it even takes BEAUTIFUL photos! Bonus.
I like this photo taken of our dinner last night. See the steam rising? After taking this shot, the cameraMAN discovered that there was an intelligent mode especially for cuisine! No wonder I'm in love with this camera!
Dinner was great too.

And this shot of a dandelion, was taken at maximum zoom from adult standing height. No tripod. Amazing. The mega Optical Image Stabilising feature is soooooo good.

And finally for today, I love the lighting on this one. Spring blossoms taken straight up with the blue sky as a backdrop. No trick photography. Real flowers. Real sky.

So far, I've heard that the facial and scene recognition features are amazing; you can 'text stamp' your pictures; you can programme in birthdates etc for a certain number of people, and when the camera takes the photo it automatically works out how old you are at the date of the photo; you can have special settings when taking baby photos - the flash unit and various other features combine to give the baby subjects a softer complexion(!); there's a setting for taking photos through aeroplane windows; you can simulate a pin hole camera amongst other things; you can take up to 13 pictures per second in some settings; and there is even a high definition setting for video recording that is better than our present video camera! And so on.

What a pity our diary is so full for the next 2 months.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! you've whetted my appetite!
I want one of those!(or maybe I just need to learn how to use my l'il camera properly) Not that I need anything more to help me on my way to being the "time wasting" champ. But colour me impressed. The photos are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more. Love from Dee xx

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