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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Slain good Samaritan

Hey.....but this link did come through!

NZ has been grieving the innocent death of a man who lost his life 2 days ago, when he came to the aid of a woman who was being assaulted in broad daylight in the middle of the city. Totally tragic, totally senseless.

It has caused people to look deep within themselves to ask the question if they would do the same as this brave man did, when faced with someone in need. I doubt this man even thought much about it when he went to the lady's rescue. I imagine it was something inherent within his moral fibre that just led to his immediate (and heroic) action. And so, I would like to think, that there is still hope for our society; that there would still be people who would unselfishly go to the aid of those in their moment of need. Not in a foolish or foolhardy way, but with the basic compunction to see basic standards of justice and mercy upheld.

Wishful optimism? I hope not.

Here is a link from the NZ Herald - a wonderful tribute to a good man. The heart and thoughts of our nation go out to his family.

Slain good Samaritan's family speak - 27 Sep 2008 - NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

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Ange of the North said...

Wow. The concept of what this man did is incredible, but after reading the news article, I'm shaken by the loss his family is facing. It sounds like the message he left behind is a super strong one that can really touch people's lives. But no matter how powerful his legacy, his wife and kids will feel his absence pretty intensely. Thanks for sharing. And I hope your internet woes are solved very soon! xox

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