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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A spring in my step

Sept is nearly halfway gone, and I’m not in the mindset yet! I woke at 2.45am with my brain ready to 'partay' through my huge list of ‘to do’ stuff! Fortunately, things always seem so much better when the sun is up, even with the sleep deprivation! And I believe I heard the first 2 birds Down Under, wake up this morning – they sounded rather sleepy at just after 3am and it took them quite some time to really get those chirrupy noises working well…glad it’s not just me that has problems with coherent conversation before the morning coffee!

And as has become our wont, today was another full day. Both E&L delivered their speeches, passed some exams, and took their full Tuesday in their stride. K made himself useful by saving some lives. And I finally managed to grab a moment (& some motivation!) to get myself back into the books…..

But it was such a stunning Spring Day that everything was sweet. Have to say it again – I LOVE SPRING! I love the transformation from dark mornings and early evenings, to the light, fresh, sunny mornings and longer evenings. I love the promise of summer; the heady scent of blossom, the perfusion of colour everywhere, the lush green-ness of the fields, the warmth with the cool, and the cool with warmth. I love the foretaste of early summer fruits, and the expectation of BBQ’s and time at the beach. And I love the new life! So here are some Spring photos of the lambs enjoying their first season of life. (And I'm still on my old camera...expecting the newbie any day now!)


Ange of the North said...

So... when I go to my Canadian grocery store and pick up a package of New Zealand lamb, this is where it came from? From those cute little wooly creatures?

Southern Ange said...

Having photographed those cute little woolly creatures only a couple of days ago, we won't be having lamb till the memory fades sufficiently....or was it called 'beef'...?!

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