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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A family of shutterbugs

Well, it would seem, we are having a rash of ‘new camera syndrome’ in our family! Today, E is SO excited. Why, you may ask?

- It could have been that he got a placing in a significant ‘invitation only’ music scholarship competition yesterday. He played 3 pieces in his piano recital and got a huge applause from the appreciative audience. The standard of this particular competition is so high, that to expect a placing/ranking would be downright presumptuous!
- Or, it could have been that not only did E get a placing, but he actually got 2nd place! The adjudicator emphasised that he had difficulty deciding between the 1st and 2nd placegetters, and eventually decided on the basis that the 1st placegetter had slightly more difficult pieces. Since E would’ve probably been the youngest competitor there, it wasn’t too surprising. We were all just so thrilled anyway – E played beautifully. Unfortunately, no recordings allowed.
- Or maybe, it was very generous prize money that got awarded with the scholarship…

- Or the satisfaction of having achieved one's best...
- Or even, the celebration of a day out with the grandies to recognise both our boys’ hard work and achievements this year…

The truth is, that E is so excited because today, he is the proud owner of a new camera – his VERY FIRST CAMERA - researched, considered, waited for (the right bargains), and bought with his prize winnings and some saved pocket money! Everything else has paled by comparison. He keeps saying that he can’t believe he now owns his OWN camera! L even suggested that E might well be in heaven! (A definite encouragement not to give kids everything they ask for, but to allow them to work hard and save for things they would like – they value things so much more!).

Anyway, E has really enjoyed playing around with all the different functions on his new ‘toy’! These photos were taken today off his camera. Enjoy!

Church this morning.

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