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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swooshing thru Saturday

I love Saturdays. And I love Spring.
So waking up on a bright Saturday morning in Spring, is just wonderful! The birds are singing, and the flowers are all bursting forth in our garden (amongst the weeds, which are also bursting forth!). But the best Saturdays are the ones when you don’t feel pressured to have to go out ANYWHERE! These Saturdays are just the best!

This morning, we have moseyed about doing our various tasks. The washing is fresh, clean, and drying happily in the sunshine. The boys have gotten on to their chores and leftover work from the week before…..not even any grumbles….yet! In fact, E even got quite excited about a speech he is preparing for the upcoming Speech competitions! Long may the glorious, motivating weather continue!
The dishdrawers have been cleared, the shoe rack tidied, the garbage taken out and sorted, there are fresh freesias (love the scent!) in the house, and the cards have been made for Fathers Day tomorrow.

The Man about the House has been busy….oh, so busy, clearing and tidying up our horrendously cluttered spare room, ready for our next set of guests. He has vacuumed and dusted and sorted and cleaned and rearranged, filed, and tidied (and is available for hire at an exorbitant price!). The best thing, is that he discovered (and has been busily cleaning) a whole stash of shoes I’d forgotten about, including my beloved boots from the Great White North….(that's our lawn you can see sprouting madly in the background! Ahem..so the grass needs cutting...).

L astounded us by practicing his guitar and then his piano for over 3 hours, getting ready for his upcoming piano exams – not bad concentration for one so young. E also has piano exams this week, and was about midway through his turn on the piano. Violin, guitar, and maths all done! Hooray.
The boys have now gone to run some errands, and to enjoy the great outdoors on this beautiful day. The 2 smaller ones have their annual cross country meet this week, and all three have gone to “conquer the mountain” together.

I'm enjoying a piece of homemade Russian fudge and thinking it would've been so nice to have been able to pop over and share it with you. Might've gone well with that Merlot...

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