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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Just as you enter spring Down Under, we have officially welcomed fall to the Great White North! Autumn began on September 21 (I know they have certain moments in the day for these kinds of things, but I don't know when, exactly...). I displayed my defiance by wearing open toed sandals - I like to hang on for as long as I can. It was okay, but I secretly wore fuzzy warm socks on the way to school in the chilly morning. (Don't tell.)
Yesterday I noticed the beginnings of the real thing - red leaves on the maple tree. Just a few, but they're definitely there.
And then, today, it happened. The rain. Real, miserable, chilly, grey rain.
Fall has arrived.

I know many people who claim they love fall; it's their favorite season. I can understand why they might say that. The colours that decorate the season can be truly beautiful, especially in the sun. But do not be deceived! Those vibrant colours and the crisp, woodsmokey smell in the air just serve to disguise what is really coming: driving to and from work in the rainy dark for far too many months.

Can't stop the seasons. Might as well embrace 'em all.

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Southern Ange said...

Sorry to hear that the weather is closing in. Will try and post some photos to brighten up your day! Keep those woolly sox handy..

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