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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oooh, a Project!

I'm suddenly excited and inspired! Ali Edwards, one of my scrapbooking idols, is doing a great project on her blog: document a week in your life. If this piques your interest at all, check out her blog here, as well as the post on Shutter Sisters (a fab photog blog!). The big question is not, do I want to, but rather, would I be foolish to do such a thing right now...? I really should start preparing for the three-session workshop I'm supposed to present at the upcoming teachers' convention. And I should also be getting ready for the rather foolish party we're hosting next Saturday (our friend, Dan, asked if we could host a birthday party for him, as his house is too small - as if ours is large - and I said that maybe it should be a joint party as Big Bear just had his own birthday, and Dan has invited all kinds of people and I'm panicking just a little bit... But it will be fun!). But what I really want to do is the scrapbook project! What to do??? I'll probably just end up playing Sudoku (when in doubt...).

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