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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sea Air

We spent today sitting in the leadership conference listening to amazing speakers and connecting with other school principals and vice principals. Now that the day is over, after a wonderful long walk beside the ocean and a yummy dinner and glass of merlot, Ellen and I are both so tired. My mind is spinning with lots of thoughts, but the one that stays with me comes from Mark Buchanan. He spoke about sabbath rest, a very pertinent topic for a group of driven people who spend their lives running non-stop. If we really believe that God is sovereign, he pointed out, then we can walk away from work for a day of rest, without things falling apart!

One of the best things about this conference, in my opinion, is the location. It is so good to be by the ocean, and our hotel is half a block from the pier. The smell of the sea makes me feel happy and calm; I wish I could smell it all the time!

We have more sessions tomorrow morning (they're really packing it in!), then at noon it will be all over. I wouldn't mind staying in this beautiful hotel for another day. Just one more! Please!

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