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Friday, September 26, 2008

Spring wellbeing

Last day of school.

And what a glorious, glorious Spring day it is.

The air is heavily laced with the scent of spring blossom everywhere.

The sun is hot, my huge pile of washing is drying beautifully in the fresh air.

Someone is mowing their lawn in the neighbourhood (presumably as lush as ours is presently!)

A big fat bumblebee has just lazily cruised past, enjoying the wonderful colours in our garden

I have Jesse Cook’s harmonies gently flirting with the breeze out through our wide open French doors.

Boys’ gear is ready by the front door for their full afternoon & evening ahead.

Chocolate Caramel slice is baking in the oven, ready for our girls’ night out tonight

I have 1001 things to do today, and the crazy, crazy afternoon and weekend is about to begin.
But first, I just wanted to share my day with you and bring some Spring colour and warmth into your day, Ange of the North.

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Ange of the North said...

Your gorgeous colours sure trump the grey gloom we've had lately. Hmmm... if I could just hop back and forth between here and there, I could live in perpetual spring and summer! Thank you for the beautiful photos! :)

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