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Saturday, September 6, 2008


September is always a wistfully beautiful month. Although it's still officially summer until the 21st, there's something different in the air that says the end is near. As soon as school starts (and even sooner), the nights are cooler and even the hottest days feel... tangy.
When I go out in the morning to leave for school, the car is covered with condensation and as I drive down the hill, mist blankets the low ground. I stopped one morning to drink in the view and to try to capture the moment.
I think it's so odd that spring Down Under has officially begun, while we are still in summer for a couple of weeks longer. I wonder why that is?
I've been in intense school mode this first week back; it's nice to sit down and have a quiet Friday evening at home. I'm blogging tonight in order to avoid taking up a pile of school work I dragged in with me. Procrastination! The glass of merlot I had with my tomato and onion salad went down very nicely, and I'm enjoying my favorite CBC jazz program (Tonic). Life is good!

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