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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random thoughts

The current cool vernacular around these parts is ‘random’….my son’s band was even named “Random” for awhile. However, I wish to use the word in its traditional sense of the word today. Here are some random (though not necessarily ‘cool’!) thoughts from our weekend.

I’ve decided that I will ‘try’ and post a flower a day till I run out of flower shots or till the Spring bloom is over, whichever comes sooner. However, I don’t know any of their names, other than the basic models like rose, carnation, lily etc! If you know the names, please feel free to share. I wonder if we’ll have the same weeds here as up in the great white north…?

It has been such a busy time since school finished (surely it wasn’t only 2 days ago?!!). The boys have been partying hard and enjoying being free from school and routine. Clip ‘n Climb, Laser strike, birthday cake, treasure hunts, ice cream, friends, junk food!

Both boys also took part in the services this morning – E on the keyboards, and L singing and dancing with the kids. K and I were well and truly in the Land of Nod at 6am this morning, when E came in and politely suggested that one of us got up since Band Practice began in less than 30 mins. Groannnnn. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS has begun…..Spring forward….less one hour’s beauty sleep! However, fortified by good coffee and a ‘pain chocolat’ from the café at church, life was sweeeeeeeet. And the services were truly fabulous. Great music, fun dancing, lotsa laughs, good people, fantastic message.

Would you like to entertain a very cool family from here? They are heading over to the Great, and hopefully white, North to ski for 2 months! The reports from Whistler have been most encouraging…..for the snow-seeking tourists at any rate! We are most envious and would love to be carrying their luggage for them! Our friends have organised a house swap – they have access to a beautiful home close to Whistler, and on the flipside, the recipients will enjoy our summer only about 5 doors from the beach!

And today, we were discussing with our lunchtime guests, the way the media and country have responded to the events of the “Slain Good Samaritan”. I am so impressed with the way the family are responding, despite the immense tragedy and loss they must be experiencing. My heart grieves for them too each time I think about it. One line that has really impacted me for some reason, is the line from a recent newspaper article (about the woman whose life was saved because of Mr Hemmings’ unselfish actions) – “,,,today, she is grieving for a man whom she never even knew…” Who knows how far reaching Mr Hemmings’ actions may go? There is at least hope.

On a different note. The week ahead is full. The weeks ahead are scarily busy. I feel stressed just thinking about stuff to be done. I really don’t know how you can fit all you do into your week and still try to take on more, Ange of the North! Perhaps you could share some of your secrets…..???


Ange of the North said...

Awesome photos - I particularly love the purple flowers' centres! An amazing photographer must have taken it with an equally amazing camera! As for taking on more stuff, I think your schedule is already quite insane enough. Are you trying now to fill up the hours between 11pm and 5am???

Southern Ange said...

Thanks - amazing camera, not too sure about the photographer. Are you speaking to yourself re the insane schedule??? Hmmmm???

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