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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Band pract

We have just returned from a long day, capped off by Kids Band Practice. As I sat in the auditorium and listened to the kid (E!), teenagers, and young adults practising, I drifted back to thoughts from the dim dark ages. I remembered the sense of sheer satisfaction from playing music and especially from playing music in a team. Kinda like a team sport I guess. So here, I'm going to put my 2 cents' worth in. I think music is one of the most wonderful ways to touch a teenager's heart. Anybody's heart really, but particularly for those teen years - to be able to be a part of a band, an orchestra, a group, whatever - something they can put their heart and soul into. Just awesome. And if the music is passable, that is a bonus!

Tonight, these guys were simply amazing. I was humbled by the talent that is out there. My son was thrilled with all the technological toys that they had to work with....particularly with the Avion-thingy. No more horrible foldback speakers! You now all play with funky earpieces and you can control the sound you want to hear.....and even the youngest drummers can stay in beat with a special drumming metronome that is linked in with all the other new, delicious music-aids. So much fun!

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Ange of the North said...

I totally agree - yay, music!

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