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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finished Friday!

It was a very intense day in my world. At recess, I had a quick conference with the principal, as she was out on playground duty. On my way back to the classroom, I encountered a kindy boy in the throes of passionate wailing; something traumatic must have happened to him! However, I discovered that this happens every day. Then there was Hunter, who had to go home with a headache. And our math test was way too hard for many of the students, who needed constant support and direction, every step of the way. Someone left cardstock in the photocopier and I ended up with truly hard copies of our spelling list - 24 of them. Austin was in time out at lunch and just couldn't seem to admit that he'd been hitting and kicking. Come to think of it, I really don't remember having a lunch time at all... One of my students informed me that she won't be back on Monday, as she is going to be homeschooled - after just three weeks with us. Juan was terribly naughty and had to sit by himself. All my loudest boys needed something NOW. And as the day progressed, the pace seemed to intensify...

There were, however, some very sunny moments! Here are three of them:

All my girls got together to paint a beautiful picture. I loved hearing them cooperate with each other, brainstorming, writing down their ideas, and voting on the best one.

Our school did the Terry Fox Run this afternoon. It was fun to see the students (and teachers) so excited to participate together!

The very best moment, however, was seeing James actually carrying a little kindy girl who was too tired to run, all the way down the lane. This boy, who has a hard time controlling his behavior, was being so kind and self-sacrificing - yay, James! And the little girl will now be his most devoted admirer for life!

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Jo said...

I totally felt the same way about today. Trying to deal with one kid in the office and a bunch of other grouchy/complaining boys in the classroom. The drama never seemed to end. So thankful that all they had to do this afternoon was run! Have a restful weekend!

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