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Friday, September 19, 2008

The new arrival

I’ve got a new baby!
The baby’s all mine…
I love my new baby!
My baby’s divine!

It’s kept me so busy…
I’ve got much to learn!
Done oh, so much reading…
Got pictures to burn.

I’ve read through the manuals;
I’ve played with the knobs;
I’ve pressed all the buttons,
The bits, and the bobs.

I love the new noises;
The shape and the touch,
The colour, the angles,
I like it so much!

My babe’s a time-waster;
I just have to play...
It calls me, it woos me,
It takes up my day.

My view is all different.
I’ve now seen the light.
It’s how you portray things -
Give beauty its might.

I muse and I ponder.
I hope you become…
A vessel of good,
Not a vessel of harm.


Anonymous said...

Love the poem Ange. Also impressed with the photo's. What brand is the camera? My new Fuji is a poor relation in comparison. It points it zooms & takes photos.(tho it does have an anti shake mode so that will be handy for when my tremors play up!) what more can I say, maybe I should put it to poetry. :)
Happy snapping. Love Dee xx

Chris said...

So.....what kind is it already!!!!
Northern Ange's husband WANTS to know.

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