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Monday, September 1, 2008

1st of September!

It is officially the first day of SPRING! Hoooray!! My favourite season of the year. And what a beautiful day it is Down Under. Sun, blue skies, a little something in the air....blossoms, birds, freshness, greenery, new lambs (actually, I haven't seen any new lambs yet...I just happen to know that around about now, the fields will suddenly be dotted with little white dots next to the big white fluffy ones! Paddock Dandruff!)
The Lemon tree in our garden is still trying to get rid of its winter fruit in preparation for Spring. We have frozen lemon juice in the freezer, homemade lemon honey/curd/butter in the fridge, and a freshly baked lemon krummeltorte in the pantry.
Someone once said that if you are hosting dessert, you only need to make 2 desserts to cover all bases
- something with chocolate in it, and something lemony!
I'm glad for the nice day to help the 'disposition'! Have come away from the mandatory weekend course intensive feeling shattered. Learnt lots, participated in zillions of tests and inventories, discovered lots of interesting things, enjoyed my fellow classmates, ate lots, drank lots of coffee, and am now ready for some 'space' to revitalise! That patch of warm sunlight looks just perfect in fact...

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