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Friday, September 12, 2008

I just HAD to tell you...

I had just sat down to lunch today, whilst contemplating my study and more navel gazing,

my Dearest phoned to say that he was on his way over, to whisk me out ‘somewhere’! Gobbling lunch at speed is never a pretty sight, and I was thankful for the privacy of my own home!

True to his word, within a few minutes, my Dearest arrived home on his trusty steed (mountain bike!) and off we drove (in a car, not on a bike built for two) into the wild blue yonder.

To cut a long, juicy story short, I am now the very excited, soon-to-be awaiting delivery) owner of a new camera!!! OH YES!
My trusty old Canon has been wobbling along on its last legs (exacerbated by chronic overuse and probably also from being dropped from a great height). And for the last year or so, I had been researching cameras that would suit our needs best.

Well, today, my Dearest decided that he wanted to do a spontaneous ‘Something Special'!
Flowers? Chocolates? or Camera?......Flowers? Chocolates? or Camera?.....


Leica lenses (alrighty!), 18x Optical Zoom: 27mm–486mm (mmmhmm!) , 10.1 megapixels, 2.7” LCD, mega OIS, and a ton of super intelligent techno features!

YUM, YUM, YUM !!!!


Anonymous said...

I know this camera will be loved and used a lot. I can't wait to see what this talented lady produces on this latest "event recorder" Congratulations. S

Ange of the North said...

Woo hoo!
I'm so excited for you - nothing like a new camera! I'm consumed with wondering about the photo - what the heck is it? An example of the poor aging Canon's condition?

Southern Ange said...

Teehee. This is one of those photos that can be anything you want it to be….kind of! It could very well be a photo taken in the deterioration phase of my poor old Canon….or it could be representative of moving from one stage into the next….or a photo that begs the question – “Am I seeing things right?!” Or something else. It was actually a photo of the back end of a black cat moving into the white light, and was taken by E. I liked it.

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