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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Off he Goes!

School started yesterday and the teacher is tired!
I have a lovely class this year (so far - the honeymoon period is always deceiving!!) and things are looking good.
I had my administration day today; my favorite moment was watching a tiny little kindy boy running all the way up the hall, hand stuck down in the back of his pants, shouting, "I gotta go potty!" I think he has some growing up to do...
Another boy doing some growing up - I took Little Bear out to his Bible college last night. The big moving day. He had meticulously packed all his most important belongings to take along. He had:
3 guitars (1 acoustic, 1 electric, 1 bass)
2 amps (1 electric, 1 bass - "They're not the same, Mum.")
set of Midnight Special DVDs to feed his love for 70's music
some clothes
and some other stuff
All the most important things. Except for toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, school supplies... and who knows what else! It's a good thing he's coming home on the weekend.
We met one of the other new students. He had just flown in from the Netherlands that day. I bet he remembered his toothpaste.
Little Joe wrote on Facebook that he will miss his brother. And so will we!

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Southern Ange said...

Wow. It's scary how time has flown. You are truly at the start of a new era. I feel for you my friend. It will be such a new road to travel, and I imagine, the house will feel quite different without Lil Bear hanging about during the week. So many adjustments for him and all of you in the family. I guess weekends will take on new meanings too. Exciting times too though – especially as Lil Bear enters into adulthood….a whole new journey!

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